Hans Free Electric™
Solar Home Electric System

An economical Portable Solar Home Electric System with in-built Search Light – SHES-05. Meets basic electrical needs without an electric bill.

  • 24x7x365 electricity with triple redundant charging sources using Solar Panel, Human Powered Generator & AC Charging Adaptor.
  • Intelligent 3 Stage, PWM Charge controller with pedalling speed guidance, battery and load protections.
  • Strong ABS casing accommodates either 7Ah or 12Ah SMF Lead Acid Battery (See Product description for authorised batteries)
  • Includes 12W Solar Panel with 5m cable, Charging Adaptor, Two No’s – 3W LED bulbs and 5M cable
  • 3 Output terminals and One 5V USB port for mobile charging.

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Features & Benefits

  • Powerful, 120 feet range, built-in search light lasts up to 48 hours (with 7Ah Battery)
  • Can power 12V DC LED bulbs, DC fan, DC TV, mobile charger etc.
  • Can light up 15 Nos, 3W DC bulbs
  • Battery up to 80% discharge:
    • 7Ah -2 Nos 3W LED bulbs for 6 hrs,
    • 7Ah -10 W DC fan for 3.5 hrs
    • 12 AH -2 Nos 3W LED bulbs + one 15 W DC fan for 7 hours
  • Lead acid batteries of higher Amp-hr capacities can also be charged with (optional) external charging leads.
  • Solar panel up to 75Wp can also be used for faster charging
  • 12-month warranty (against manufacturing defects)
Brand Hans Free Electric™
Model SHES -05
Item Weight
4 Kg
Product Dimensions
25.2 x 13.2 x 32.2 cm
Batteries 1 x 12V batteries required
Item model number
SHES -05
Included Components
3W DC LED Bulb – 2 No’s
Charging Adaptor
Solar Panel 12W (35.5 x 3 x 33.5 cms) Wt-1.5 kg
Cables – 2 No’s 5m each
Number of Items
Batteries Included
Batteries Required Yes
Authorized Batteries 7Ah Exide Chloride Safepower- CS 7-12
7Ah Relicell SSP12-7
7.2Ah Amaron Quanta 12V-7.2Ah
12Ah Exide Powersafe EP 12-12
12Ah Relicell-12Ah- SSP 12-12


  • Three charging sources:
    • Fast all weather charging using Hans Free Electric™ Human Powered Generator (HPG, (sold separately): 75% Charge in 1 hour for 7Ah Battery
    • 12 W Solar panel (included)
    • AC charging adapter (included)
  • 3 Stage PWM charge controller with audio visual indications for:
    • Providing guidance to user of Human Powered Generator to pedal at optimum charging speed.
    • Protections for:
      • Battery over charge
      • Battery low voltage cut-off at 80% discharge
      • Battery reverse polarity
      • Over load & Load short circuit with automatic reconnect on fault removal.
      • Over speed pedaling cut-off when using Hans Free Electric Human Powered Generator as a charging source.

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  • 3W DC LED Bulb – 2 No’s
  • Charging Adaptor
  • Solar Panel 12W (35.5 x 3 x 33.5 cms) Wt-1.5 kg
  • Cables – 2 No’s 5m each
Battery assy. Of SHES-05

Battery assy. Of SHES-05

Charging SHES-05 with HPG

Charging SHES-05 with HPG

Charging SHES-05 with Electrical Adapter

Charging SHES-05 with Electrical Adapter