Hans Free Electric™ Human Powered Generator

Use the Hans Human Powered Generator (HPG) to generate and store electricity for powering 12V DC LED lights, DC fans, DC televisions, charging mobile phones etc., whenever needed. To charge, simply insert the charging plug of the HPG on to the Home Electric System and start pedaling. If required, use appliances and charge at the same time. Carry the Home Electric System with you and connect your appliances on location or use it to illuminate for work and study.

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Features & Benefits

  • With only one – hour of pedaling, use:
    • In-built LED light – 24 hours
    • OR 10 W DC fan – 3.5 hours
    • OR 15 W DC TV – 2 hours
    • OR 2, 3W LED bulbs – 6 hours
    • OR Charge 4 to 6 mobile phones
  • Simple & safe to operate by young and oldEasy to maintain and repair
  • Can charge 12 Volt Lead Acid / SMF batteries of various capacities (Ah)
  • Rugged, reliable and designed to last
  • Adjustable seat for optimal pedaling comfort
  • Generate electric power 24 X 7 X 365 days irrespective of weather
  • Wide area in-built LED light illuminates up to 120 feet
  • Non-polluting, silent, renewable human energy source
  • 12 Volt DC system is safe to handle even by children
  • Portable and easy to assemble at any place
  • Ideal for lighting in homes, shops, villages, camps, resorts and schools
  • Can be transported to locations for use during disasters and natural calamities
  • HES can also be charged from AC mains, as well as solar panels
  • Generator: 12 Volt DC, 200 Watt output
  • HES: In-built 3 stage PWM charge controller with protections for:
    • Battery Overcharge
    • Battery cut-off at 80% depth of discharge
    • Overload & short circuit
    • Reverse polarity
    • Over-speed pedaling
  • Nominal Pedalling Speed: 50 rpm
    – Audio visual indicators to maintain optimum pedaling speed
  • Long Life Permanent Magnet Brushless DC Generator
  • Dimensions (in inches)
    – HPG: 63.12 X 25.75 X 36.50
    – HES: 6.57 X 6 X 9.84
  • Nt. Wt. HPG: 37.5 kgs
  • Nt. Wt. HES: 815 g (without battery)
  • Expected Service Life: 15 years

For assistance with assembly instructions and videos on common troubleshooting & maintenance visit our How To page

Assembly of Hans Free Electric Human Powered Generator (Online Packaging)