HANS™ Solar BriefCase

The HANS™ Solar Briefcase represents a major advancement in solar technology. It’s small, light and portable, yet provides rapid recharging of the HANS™ PowerPack 150 and 300. Simply unfold the Solar Briefcase, angle it toward the sun, and plug it into your PowerPack. It’ll be fully charged in two to four hours.

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Features & Benefits

  • Recharges the HANS™ PowerPack 300 in four hours.
  • Recharges the HANS™ PowerPack 150 in two hours.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Rugged, durable construction.
DC Port up to 21.6V, up to 3.6A, 60W Max
Solar Panels 3 x 20W panels
150 3.5-5.0 hours
300 7.0-10.0 hours
General Specs/Features
Chainable Yes, up to 150W
Case Tri-fold with rugged plastic construction, handle, kickstands and tie down loops
Cells Monocrystaline
Wiring External pigtail connectors
Open Circuit Voltage 21.6V
Dimensions 49.5 cm L x 5.4 cm W x 41.5 cm H (Folded)
144.0 cm L x 35.0 cm W x 26.7 cm H (Deployed)
Weight 4kg
Warranty 12 Months
User Guide View HANS™ PowerPack 300 User Guide Coming Soon
Certifications NA